If there’s one thing we’ve all become acutely aware of since the pandemic emerged, it’s that uncertainty is one thing we can all be certain of. 

So, as a business owner, it’s only logical that you might be trying to decide on the most efficient and cost-effective way to handle one of the biggest line items on your balance sheet: your office. 

If you’re evaluating your options, it’s realistic to consider that a traditional lease might not be your best bet anymore. As the working world moves toward flexibility, there are new options emerging that may better serve your needs, such as private office in a coworking space.

Here’s what you need to know about private offices in coworking spaces so that you can make an educated decision about what’s right for your business and your team.  

6 Uses of Private Offices in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have a reputation for being open, collaborative work areas. And while that’s true in many cases, most coworking spaces—including Colab Space—offer fully-private offices and, in some cases, even fully-serviced team suites.

There are six common uses of private offices in a coworking space. 

1. Hybrid Team Collaboration

If your team operates in a hybrid capacity, your team might not work in the office every day, but there will be times when you need everyone present together in-person to collaborate. 

Despite tools that make online communication easier, in-person collaboration is still important for trust-building, innovation, focus, and interpersonal bonding, and private offices in coworking spaces allow you to have that on a flexible basis. 

2. Change of Scenery for Remote Employees

Research shows that hybrid work allows employees to use their time more efficiently and even increases their productivity. 

But it’s not without its challenges.

The feeling of isolation or a lack of work-life boundaries is ever-present when working from home. And because of that fact, providing space for employees to change their location can, then, boost performance. 

A private office in a coworking space offers a welcome change of environment. It’s available when your team needs a break from their home office and can be a much-needed “escape” to spark creativity and productivity.  

3. Meeting Space

Effective in-person team meetings help ensure everyone is on the same page. When done right, they can also engage your team and boost morale. Your private office in a coworking space provides a productive area to host meetings and bring everyone together. 

As a coworking space member, you also get access to bookable on-site meeting rooms or event space if you need something larger or more customizable. 

4. Private Space for Confidential Discussions

Many conversations, like employee reviews or sharing sensitive company information, need to happen in private and, preferably, in person. With a dedicated private office in a coworking space, you don’t need to worry about where to meet and who will be around. 

5. Access to Specific Tools or Software

From scanners and printers to stationery and more, home offices generally aren’t adequately equipped with all of the tools and hardware that employees need to work effectively. 

And that’s not unexpected: these things can be costly to acquire, making them an unfair financial burden to put on your people. 

With a private office in a coworking space, your employees will have access to everything they need to work effectively.

And since these costs are shared with other businesses, it becomes significantly less expensive for your company to provide them. 

6. Quiet, Productive Workspace

Our houses, open-plan workspaces, and offices can all be noisy at times. Private offices in a coworking space offer a quiet, focused environment for your team to use when they need it. 

Flexible vs. Traditional Office Space

Private office space with glass windows that you can see into it through

A private office has many benefits for small businesses and teams. But why choose a private office in a coworking space? These flexible office spaces have significant advantages over the traditional office. 

Here are seven of them. 

1. Cost Savings

Front desk of Colab Space; a desk situated in an open-plan lobby

With a traditional office, you may be paying for more space than you need. With a remote or hybrid team, your workspace may only hit 50% capacity on any given day. But that doesn’t mean your expenses reduce accordingly: even with a half-full office, you’re still paying full-priced rent, utilities, and overhead costs. 

But with a flexible private office, you pay for exactly and only the space you need to accommodate your team’s work schedule. 

You also realize cost savings with decreased overhead and supplies expenses because you just pay a single monthly, all-inclusive membership fee. With a private office in a coworking space, you’re sharing these costs with other businesses and members who work in the space. 

2. Flexible Lease Terms

Traditional offices require long-term leases with prohibitive cancellation or change policies. A private office in a coworking space is designed with flexibility in mind. Lease rental terms in a flexible office don’t lock you in for the long term. Instead, they let you scale and change your workspace as your business grows. 

If you’d like to learn more about flexible lease terms at Colab Space, get in touch with us today.

3. Community

Group of people posing for the camera at an event; there is food and drinks out on the counter

Renting a private office at Colab Space means you have access to the entire community here. Your team members can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated workspace while still taking advantage of social and professional connectivity, including:

  • Organized events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Casual “watercooler” conversations in common areas

These all help build community at work, which is important for employee retention. Whether they’re at the office every day or only occasionally, you want it to be a place they belong in and are excited to come to.  

4. Dedicated Support Team 

Instead of just writing a monthly check and being ignored by your landlord like you might in a traditional lease situation, a coworking space offers dedicated, on-site support. 

Here at Colab Space, our team is always available to help you troubleshoot technical issues, book meeting rooms, keep the coffee brewing, and answer any questions you may have.

5. In-house Amenities

Colab Space spa water; carafe of infused water sitting on a counter top

By renting a flexible private office in a coworking space, you get access to a workspace, but that’s only one part of the bigger picture.

Our Colab Space community members also have access to in-house amenities like:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Spa water
  • Wellness room
  • Kitchenettes
  • Mail handling and virtual office services
  • Cleaning services
  • Conference rooms
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Professional mixers and events

You get everything your team needs, all under one roof, with one simple and flexible monthly membership. 

6. Customizability

Private offices in a coworking space are as diverse as the members who use them. At Colab, our team is ready to help your team make it a productive environment that caters to your personal and professional needs.

Our private offices are customizable, so you can choose a layout and furniture that works best. We can also help make it your own with your logo and other branding elements.

7. Spatial Diversity

Outdoor area with tables and chairs

Many employees have grown accustomed to the productivity and flexibility of working at home. They’ve identified when, where, and how they work best and can tailor their workdays to meet their preferences. 

Private offices in a coworking space simulate that same environment. It gives your team the opportunity to work in the way they want to without being “stuck” at a single desk again.  

At Colab, a private office isn’t just an office. Since you’re part of the coworking community, you have access to:

  • Lounge areas
  • Kitchenettes
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Private and soundproofed phone rooms
  • Fully-equipped meeting rooms with A/V equipment 
  • Customizable event space 
  • Outdoor areas

This helps your team choose a space that best suits their needs—a lounge to connect, a private space for sensitive phone calls, or a meeting room for their presentation

Private offices in coworking spaces allow you to save money, provide your employees with a more enjoyable environment where they can work when and how they want, and scale up and down without being confined to a strict contract.

Find a private office in a coworking space where you can build your business alongside a diverse and inclusive community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and enterprise organizations. Book a tour of The Colab Space today.