As we slowly return to the work environment, whether it be a coworking space, a corporate office, many already feel increased anxiety caused by the post-pandemic uncertainty. Thus, it’s more critical than ever to practice selfcare in the workplace.

There are many self-care activities you can implement at work. There are also ways you can stay aware of how your mental health is to avoid burnout at an early stage. We hope this article will prepare you for returning to work to reach your maximum growth this year.

selfcare-in-workplace-routine-buildingCreate a Work Routine

When we talked about avoiding work-from-home burnout, we mentioned creating a routine and sticking to it could put your mind at ease. That’s because a set schedule makes security and stability in the human brain.

The same applies to office work. Think of small activities that define your day. For example:

  • Do you always start your day with a cup of coffee?
  • How much time should you spend checking your emails?
  • Can you stay “off work” during lunch break?
  • Do you take walks or practice office yogas to rest between tasks?

You can also use productivity apps to plan your day, keep track of a daily and weekly to-do list, analyze your efficiency throughout the day, and practice selfcare.

Prepare for Uncertainties

So many things are still changing. Therefore, uncertainties and anxieties will be inevitable throughout this year. You must accept that some things will simply be beyond your control because you are preparing yourself to respond in a healthy and resilient way by acknowledging them.

At least half of selfcare in the workplace is about having the right mindset. Be forgiving to both yourself and your team members. Allow yourself some “downtime” when necessary. And finally, if you make mistakes, cut yourself some slack. We are humans. We are not perfect. But our imperfection is what gives us the endless possibility to grow.


Cultivate a Welcome Atmosphere

If you work in a private office or have a dedicated spot in a coworking space, you should be as creative as you can with decorations. Visually tailoring your office to your taste is one of the most effective self-care strategies.

Some best practices include:

  • Ues calming, soothing colors.
  • Add natural light if possible.
  • Plants can boost positive moods.
  • Add cushions for more comfort.
  • Pictures of families, friends, and pets can keep you going on the hard days.

Of course, you can always catch up with some of the top office decoration trends. Who’s got the coolest workspace?

Embrace Your Emotions through Honest Communicationembrace-emotion-mental-health-at-work

There’s nothing wrong with feeling stressed out or wanting a day off. You are not weak for not motivated after catching deadlines and having back-to-back conference calls all week.

You don’t need to put on a smile when you don’t feel like it. Talk to your coworkers and supervisors about how you feel, your concerns, and what you need to grow. If you are an entrepreneur, consider joining a few peer groups to find like-minded individuals who support your dream.

Most coworking offices understand that selfcare in the workplace begins with a community. Therefore, 

Final Words: Prioritize Selfcare in the Workspace

There is no doubt we’ve lived in a faulty structure that neglects and downplays mental health. But you can start changing it by creating a self-care routine. When we start caring for ourselves and validating our self-worth, we prepare ourselves for a better future.

More professionals now see the value of practicing selfcare in the workplace. After all, it’s not about how much you work, but how well you work. And to reach real growth, you must take care of yourself first, emotionally, physically, and professionally.