2020 was a rough year. The pandemic tested us in ways many of us had never imagined possible. The physical distancing we had to practice was a massive adjustment, but it doesn’t mean that we have to stay isolated. Isolation can often be the biggest killer of motivation and productivity. If we learned anything from the social distancing of 2020, it’s that you need a community to thrive in 2021.

Local Communities 

As restrictions ease and things become safer and a bit more normal, reaching out to our local communities can help build a sense of unity. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share your passion is an excellent way to reignite your creativity and not to mention, help give back to your community.

Online Communities

Community is not only limited to your physical area or zip code, online communities can be an amazing opportunity to connect with others. Apps such as Shapr or Clubhouse can help you meet friends and grow your business network. The more we engage and interact with others, the more it can help us find a sense of togetherness and a common goal.

Make Social Media Work for you

Social media can be an excellent source of community. Whether it be Facebook groups of people with similar interests, or Subreddits you find interesting, there are endless opportunities to interact and engage with others. Also by using social media consciously, we can avoid the downfalls and vexations that can sometimes arise. 


Whatever type of community you find to engage in, establishing connection is never a waste of time. If you are in telework, instead of working from home every day, switch it up and visit your local coworking space. Building relationships with others in similar working conditions is another way to engage in community and overcome a sense of isolation. 


In the post-pandemic world of 2021, you need a community to thrive. Reaching out to local and online groups of like-minded people, can help us overcome the effects of isolation and increase our productivity.