Not all workspaces conjure feelings of zen and calm — they may actually be stressful and draining. Luckily, something as simple as decorating with one of the best plants for office desks can contribute to focus, creativity, and productivity.

Research tells us that adding greenery to your workplace can improve air quality, decrease stress, and increase overall well-being.

But what plants are best? Here are six of the best desk plants for the office to evoke calm, focus, and productivity.

Why Desk Plants Are So Beneficial

You might already be thinking—can plants really make that much of a difference? Well, the research is pretty clear that they can. Here are some benefits of incorporating the best desk plants into your workspace:  

  • Enhanced creativity: A Human Spaces report found that offices with natural elements, like plants, scored 15% higher in creativity than those that didn’t. 

Besides these points, plants just look good! They add a sense of beauty to a workspace and create an aesthetically pleasing environment, both of which can be good for overall well-being and a positive mindset. 

The 6 Best Plants for Office Desks

With these kinds of benefits, you might be ready to head out plant shopping! But not all plants are conducive to an office environment. 

So, to help you pick plants that will thrive in a workspace and fit comfortably on your workstation, we’ve compiled the six best plants for office desks.

1. Snake Plant

Snake plant on a desk

Not only do they look cool, but snake plants are one of the best plants for office desks thanks to their low-maintenance qualities. Snake plants don’t need a lot of light or water to thrive and grow. They’re also effective in removing toxic pollutants from the air. 

  • How to care for a snake plant: Water it only when the top two inches of soil is dry (approximately every two weeks), wipe the leaves with a cloth, and keep it in a warm spot.

2. Pothos

pothos plant on a desk

Pothos is one of the best desk plants for offices if you like a jungle, trailing-plant aesthetic. Pothos grow very quickly and are also very easy to propagate, meaning you can make as many as you want! Similar to the snake plant, they require little light to stay healthy. 

  • How to care for pothos: Ensure the pot has a drainage hole, as pothos do not like to sit in wet soil; water only when dry. Keep your pothos in a warm room and regularly remove dead stems or leaves. 

3. ZZ Plant

zz plant on a desk

Next up on the list of the best plants for office desks: the ZZ plant. ZZ is short for Zamioculcas zamiifolia—luckily caring for this plant is easier than pronouncing it! Due to their thick rhizomes, or underground stems, they’re very drought tolerant and can last a long time with minimal care. 

  • How to care for a ZZ plant: Try to give your ZZ plant as much bright indirect light as possible (note that fluorescent lights are totally acceptable here). Only water your ZZ plant when the soil is completely dry. 

4. Spider Plant

spider plant on a desk

Another simple but attractive desk plant is the spider plant. It’s one of the easiest options to keep alive, making it a contender for best desk plants for offices. It’s also part of the group of plants that can improve indoor air quality by absorbing harmful elements in the air. 

  • How to care for a spider plant: Unlike the others, the spider plant typically requires more regular watering. Try to keep the soil slightly moist by watering it every week. 

5. Peace Lily

peace lily plant on a desk

If you want a beautiful flowering desk plant, this one’s for you. With the right care, peace lilies bloom into stunning white flowers. They’re also easy to grow and don’t require a lot of light. 

  • How to care for a peace lily: Water semi-regularly to keep the soil moist. Peace lilies can be a bit dramatic when they need water, drooping down, so you’ll always know when it needs a drink. Deadhead (remove) old blooms and regularly wipe leaves so that dust doesn’t hinder photosynthesis. 

6. Succulents

succulents on a desk

Last on our list of best plants for office desks are succulents, including cacti. These plants aren’t only attractive but can be easy to care for because of their minimal water 

  • How to care for succulents: Of all the options on this list of best desk plants for offices, succulents probably need the most light to survive. Without adequate light, they will stretch out and lose their look. Water succulents sparingly, only when the soil is dry. 

How to Choose The Best Plants for Office Desks

When considering how to decorate your office or desk, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • What is your light situation? Are you close to a window or exclusively under fluorescent lighting? 
  • How often can you commit to watering your plants? Or, how likely are you to remember to water them? 
  • What does your company or workspace allow? Dedicated desks and private offices at The Colab Space, for example, are totally customizable… bring any plants you want to create an awesome environment! 

After these considerations, there’s just one thing left to do — get out and shop for some plants! 

If you’re looking for a workspace that prioritizes your personal and professional well-being, book a tour of The Colab Space today