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Earn Rewards by Referring a Friend

Best friends grow together.  Then, why not recommend Colab Space to satisfy their coworking needs?  Be a part of their success story and see how Colab Space can impact their work and life.  Invite them to become a part of the Colab Space community and earn a referral reward.  

Read our terms and conditions.

Earn Up To


Here are some amazing benefits to getting your friends involved with the Colab Space community.

  • Monetary Rewards
  • Credits Towards Your Payments
  • Connect Friend’s & Colleagues to Colab’s Dynamic Community
  • Help expand Colab’s fast-growing network

Referral Terms And Conditions

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The Easiest Referral Process Ever

We simplified the referral process so you can conveniently introduce your friends to our coworking space and earn rewards for yourself.  Follow the four simple steps to begin the referral process.  We have faith that your referral will be thanking you for getting them into the best coworking space in Irvine!

Step 1

Fill Out The Form
Fill out the simple contact form at the bottom of the page to start the referral process.

Step 2

Referral Tours Colab Space
Your referral tours the Colab Space with one of our team members.

Step 3

Referral Signs Up
Your referral becomes a subscribed member of Colab Space.

Step 4

Reward Payout
You will receive the reward after your referral makes his or her first month rent payment and deposit.

Earn $250

Earn $250

Receive a $250 reward when your friend joins and leases a 1-4 person office.

Earn $500

Earn $500

Receive a $500 reward when your friend joins and leases a 5-9 person office.

Earn $1000

Earn $1000

Receive a $1000 reward when your friend joins and leases a 10+ person office.

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