Despite becoming the norm for a lot of professionals, working at home has lost its allure for many. Instead, professionals are seeking workspaces that inspire, build community, and boost productivity. 

If you’re in the Irvine, California area—you’re in luck. There are lots of great options for workspaces in Irvine. And even if you’re outside the area, consider thinking outside the box and check out some of these alternative workspace solutions. 

Here are 10 of the best options for workspaces in Irvine, ranked, from Airbnbs to coworking spaces. 

10 Best Workspaces in Irvine

Whether you’re a solopreneur, remote worker, or small business owner, one thing’s for sure—you have a lot of choices of where to work. 

Here are the top 10 places to try, ending with our top pick for the best workspaces in Irvine. 

#10. Airbnb or STR

If you want to do something totally outside the box, consider renting an Airbnb or other STR (short-term rental). STRs can be very unique and offer an interesting backdrop to creative work like photography or videography. Plus, the mere act of getting away may be a way to inspire productivity and focus. 

  • Key consideration: STRs can be expensive to rent, so keep the cost in mind when considering this option.  

#9. Parks

If you have offline work or phone calls to make, why not check out your local park? It’s free, it’s beautiful, and you might just focus more in the great outdoors. There are a variety of Irvine parks with picnic shelters so you can access a table if needed. The obvious downside here is a lack of WiFi, outlets, and IT infrastructure. 

  • Key consideration: Think about how you can work without acces to technology or Wi-Fi. Plan ahead for offline work, or get creative and use the time for meetings and phone calls. 

#8. Bookstores

Bookstore with people browsing

If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful environment, a bookstore may fit the bill. Some even have a cafe where you can grab a coffee before getting to work. 

  • Key consideration: Check ahead of time if they allow patrons to work on a laptop, as some have reading-only areas. 

#7. Library

Libraries are excellent free, public spaces to work in. They’re typically clean, quiet, and have tables and chairs. You can also be very productive in this space where there are other people hard at work. 

  • Key consideration: Because they’re open to the public, libraries may not be the most secure place to leave your laptop or other materials. You also typically cannot bring food and drinks into a library. 

#6. Hotel

Traveling professionals would already be used to working from hotels, but this can also be an option for locals. Consider using the hotel lobby, bar, restaurant, or conference room as your own workspace. 

  • Key consideration: Check ahead to see if there is free WiFi, or if it’s even available to use if you’re not a guest staying there. 

#5. Someone’s House

Have friends who work remotely? Consider setting up at their house for your workday. This is a great free option to interact more with other people and connect throughout the day. 

  • Key consideration: Think about the kind of set up you can have working at your friends house and consider if it’s comfortable enough for you to get your work done easily. 

#4. College and University Campus

Campuses like the University of California, Irvine or Irvine Valley College may be a great spot to work from with comfortable workspaces, and a productive, focused environment. However, some professionals may feel out of place around students. 

  • Key consideration: Make sure to check ahead of time if visitors can access the WiFi network.

#3. Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars offer a space to set up and work for the day. They typically have good WiFi, comfortable seating, and an attractive environment. A big pro is the excellent food options, but it can also get fairly expensive if this becomes your go-to option.

  • Key consideration: Make sure to check hours of operation ahead of time and see if there are any limits on how long you can stay there.

#2. Coffee Shops

Perhaps one of the most popular options for workspaces in Irvine, coffee shops have a lot of pros: WiFi, a comfortable environment, and coffee—of course! However, they can be distracting and busy, with only a limited time frame of how long you can stay. 

  • Key consideration: Try not to take calls or meetings while working in a busy public space; you’ll not only be distracted by others, but might distract other people too. Coffee shops are ideal for computer work. 

#1. Coworking Space

Combining many of the best features from these other options is a coworking space. This is the only professional workspace that’s truly designed for you to thrive and excel in. 

Coworking spaces top our list of workspaces in Irvine because, well, we’re a coworking space! The Colab Space offers a broad scope of amenities, services, and opportunities for a variety of professionals. 

Unlike other options on this list, the main function of a coworking space is for professionals to use it, ensuring it’ll have everything you need! Here are some of the major pros of working at a coworking space: 

  • Professional community and social opportunities
  • Fast WiFi and access to all your IT needs
  • Bookable meeting rooms
  • Spatial diversity, with options like shared lounges, kitchen, wellness space, coworking, dedicated desks, private offices, and more
  • Flexible membership options 
  • Coffee and refreshments
  • On-site staff and reception services
  • Desirable locations 
  • Emphasis on wellness

These benefits do come with a cost, which should be factored into your decision of where to work in Irvine. However, the costs cover everything you need to do your best work and are typically more cost-effective than traditional office space.  

The last thing to consider with a coworking space is that you have to commute there, which might not work for some professionals. The Colab Space is ideally located in the heart of Orange County, right near the John Wayne Aiport. This makes it more accessible and convenient than many other potential workspaces in the city.

There are many excellent workspaces in Irvine to choose from so you can get out of your house and into an environment where you can do your best work. 

If you’re looking for a productive Irvine workspace, book a tour of The Colab Space today and see what we’re all about.