We created a simple three-step guide to help you find the most appropriate coworking space plan that will boost you and your team’s creativity and productivity.

The idea of having a shared office space has become more popular as the entrepreneurial trend continues to grow. But how do you know which one works the best for you?

Let’s find out.

What a Coworking Space Plan Covers

When you look for an apartment, you don’t just go in and look at the floor plan alone, do you? Instead, you also check out the gym, the common area, the entertainment options, etc. 

The same goes for the coworking space industry. When reviewing any shared office space subscription, always look for the following items:

  • The space offered at the price point
  • Accessibility to on-site amenities, such as shared lounge and private phone booths
  • Complementary services, such as business coaching and networking opportunities
  • Culture and atmosphere

Step One: Understand Your Current Needs

As with every other business investment, you should always understand your needs first. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What hardware should your office space provide? For example, do you need a plugin, a desk, or a storage space? 
  • What amenities do you need? For example, will you need access to conference rooms occasionally?
  • What additional value should your coworking space provide? For example, are you looking to network with other members? Are you hoping to receive marketing and online exposure via the space provider?

Remember to put a dollar value next to each item you need, so you can budget more wisely.

Step Two: Research the Community

The community is always the most critical element to look for in any workspace, whether shared or not. For example, Colab Space is located in the heart of Orange County’s business community. Therefore, if you are a B2B startup and would like to connect quickly with local businesses, you would find amazing value by becoming our member.

That aside, you should also take a look at the existing members in any coworking space you plan to sign up for. See if anybody fits your prospect requirements, or could become potential vendor partners. You can also get a brief grasp of the overall atmosphere at a location by looking at the members in that specific space.

Step Three: Anticipate Your Growth Within the Lease Period

Sure, most coworking spaces allow you to switch your plan at any given moment. However, stability and security are crucial for a business’s growth, and you should always avoid moving your workspace every three months if you could.

Ask yourself the following questions to understand your coworking needs better:

  • Would my team size be increasing within the next year?
  • Will I need a more professional looking space in the next six months? Or could I go around with a hot desk for a bit longer?
  • Would my need to have an actual workspace increase in the next six months? Or am I okay with coming “in” once or twice a week?

These are all great ways to evaluate your company’s organizational growth future. You should always invest in a coworking space that will suit your needs for at least the next six months to a year for maximum efficiency and return.

Bonus Tip: See It With Your Own Eyes

Always schedule a tour to look at your options in person. Images on the website could only say so much, and when it comes to the space that will nurture your next major business achievement, you can never be too cautious.

Remember, the best coworking space plan is one that suits your current needs, gives you access to a supportive community, and allows you to grow without growing out of the workspace.

We wish you all the luck on your hunt for your next coworking office.