Looking to switch up your work environment?

Look no further than Colab Space. We’re glad and humbled you’re here.

With the new trend of coworking spaces, it’s not uncommon to see these spaces popping up all over the world nowadays. Inspired by the new, innovative wave, we’ve brought it to the heart of Orange County. Built and designed with the modern workforce in mind, we’re focused on facilitating human connections. We’ve made it possible for any innovator to be a part of our creative community, from our approachable pricing with all the amazing amenities included. You won’t find a better bang for your buck in this thriving location.

So you may be asking yourself what makes us different? Here’s why…

A business can list off all the great things about them, but the core reasons we do what we do to impact others’ lives is what we truly care about. Being honest and transparent about who we are, what we want to do, and how we want to do it has guided us to the values that we live out daily. When you come to Colab Space, know that our team is working to provide you with an experience encompassing these core principles: 

  1. Be Considerate
  2. Support Others
  3. Stay Passionate
  4. Connect
  5. Work Productively
  6. Live Honestly

Curious about how we can make an impact in your life? We’d love to give you a tour of the space or answer any questions you may have about Colab Space. With our easy online form, we make it simple to communicate with one of our members. Our team is excited to watch our Colab community grow and continue to impact others’ lives around us positively.

– The Colab Space Team