Maybe you’ve been working at home for a while and need a change of pace. Or, you’re building a small team to launch your business and need a home base. Whatever your story, you’re interested in shared workspaces but are wondering just how to choose the best coworking space in Irvine. 

We’re happy to help you figure it out. 

We know that each coworking space in Irvine is different and appeals to specific professionals and entrepreneurs. Finding the ideal workspace to meet your needs and preferences can make a huge difference in your workday. 

So, here are our top 12 tips to pick the best coworking space in Irvine. 

12 Tips for the Best Coworking Space in Irvine

Choosing the best coworking space in Irvine that works for you takes some time. It’s important to do your preliminary research and really identify what you want. Then, visit coworking spaces in Irvine to truly get the feel of each space. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Start With Research: Determine Your Coworking Needs and Wants

Colab Space kitchen with pitchers of spa water on the counter

Because coworking comes in many shapes and sizes, start by thinking about what you need and want while doing some initial research on the following things.

1. Location and Area

One of the biggest determining factors when choosing your Irvine coworking space is the location. Is it close and convenient to where you live? What else is in the area? What will the commute be like? 

You not only want to minimize commute time, but you also want to ensure it’s an area that you enjoy being in. Even just popping out for lunch or coffee to some amazing spots can make a big difference to your overall work experience. 

The Colab Space is conveniently located in the heart of Orange County. We’re across from the John Wayne Airport and connected to major routes and highways for easy access. 

2. Membership Options and Scalability

The next big area to consider is the membership options offered. While many Irvine coworking spaces will have a similar mix of membership tiers, it’s important to clarify what they include and what the availability is like. 

At The Colab Space, we offer the following options: 

  • Hot desks: The most flexible and affordable option, designed for people who want a different workspace without committing to something specific. Hot desks allow you to move around at will and take advantage of different community events and coworking space amenities. 
  • Dedicated desks: The next step up is a dedicated desk—a fixed workspace just for you to use. You can keep your equipment and personal belongings here and not have to set up and take them down each day. 
  • Private offices: Ideal for small teams, private offices are pre-furnished, functional, and secure spaces for you and your team members to work from. You can have up to eight people in one office, depending on the size. 

All coworking members have access to the same great amenities and services, such as bookable meeting rooms and event space

Professionals who only need occasional access to space may opt for a coworking day pass or utilize virtual office services like mail handling.  

Once you decide on the membership tier that works for you, it’s also important to consider the scalability options. Do you think you will grow in the next little while and need more space? You ideally want to partner with an Irvine coworking space that’s flexible and makes it easy to scale up or down as you need. 

At Colab Space, it’s easy to move between membership tiers. You might start as a solopreneur at a hot desk before deciding to get your own workspace and opt for a dedicated desk. Over time, you hire a couple of team members to scale your company and move to a private office. We want to help you grow!

3. Hours and Access

Remote workers on a nine-to-five schedule will have different needs than solopreneurs or freelancers who like to work on a flexible schedule. So, it’s important to make sure Irvine coworking spaces meet your needs and are flexible when you want to access the space. 

Note that different membership tiers sometimes correspond to different access times, so check ahead. 

4. Amenities

Irvine coworking spaces don’t just offer another desk to sit at—there’s so much more to it than that. At The Colab Space, we offer a number of amenities that elevate your daily work experience: 

  • Coffee, tea, and spa water
  • Member events and parties
  • Free parking
  • On-site, in-person reception services
  • Phone booths
  • High-speed internet
  • Wellness room
  • Cleaning services
  • Common areas and lounges

5. All-Inclusive Pricing

While it’s not the most important thing, budget and pricing is obviously a factor when deciding the best coworking space in Irvine for you. You’ll need to consider what you need versus what you want, and how much you’re willing to spend for those things. 

Our prices at The Colab Space range from $300.00/month for a hot desk or $480.00/month for a dedicated desk to $650.00/month and up for private offices. These are competitive rates and can actually help you save money in comparison to renting traditional office space.  

One thing to note here is that this is all-inclusive pricing. Parking, printing and scanning, meeting room access, and other features are all included in this price. There are never going to be extra charges you don’t expect, so you can keep your workspace budget line simple and consistent. 

6. The Coworking Space’s Reputation

The last area you can research about Irvine coworking spaces is reputation. What are other people saying about the space? We recommend asking around to get referrals or see what people like and don’t like about their coworking space in Irvine. 

You can also check out online reviews on Google, Yelp, or other platforms. Coworking is about community, so lean into your community to find the right option for you. 

Explore Your Options: Visiting Irvine Coworking Spaces

When you’ve narrowed down your Irvine coworking space options, we recommend touring them in person. This is how you can really get a sense of a place and make sure it’s for you! Here’s what to ask and think about when you visit: 

1. The Vibe of the Space

It’s not a technical term, but you all know what we mean! The vibe is the feel of a place—how you feel when you’re there. 

Vibe includes some tangible qualities like the decor and aesthetics of a place. We’ve worked really hard to create a comfortable, beautiful, and attractive workspace for all our members. It’s colorful, modern, and creative, which all help boost mood and productivity! Our humanistic design helps create a better professional environment because it’s made with you in mind.

But vibe is also intangible—it’s the people who are there and how they interact with each other. You might be looking for a coworking space in Irvine that’s super quiet and focused for optimal productivity. Others are looking for something very social and upbeat. 

Think about the kind of vibe you’re after, but then come book a tour to check out The Colab Space or another Irvine coworking space and feel the vibe for yourself!

2. Technology

High-speed, secure internet is the bare minimum for a coworking space in Irvine, but it’s definitely important it’s there. On top of that, consider what other technology you need to do your best work—A/V equipment for presentations? Printing and scanning? Equipment for events? 

Whatever you need, checking out Irvine coworking spaces in person is a great way to ensure you find what you need. 

3. Security

Another thing to inquire about while on your tour of an Irvine coworking space is how they’ll keep you and your personal belongings safe. Security is a necessary component of coworking, and your operator should be able to speak to specific features like how you access the space and who is allowed to be there. 

4. Community

We talked about the “vibe” of a coworking space in Irvine and how a lot of it comes down to the people—the community. 

Are you or you and your team looking for events and socialization? Are networking opportunities important to you? How about casual interactions and “water-cooler talk” with other members? 

Many coworking spaces, like The Colab Space, offer regular events and opportunities for people to connect. We host many wellness-focused events as well as happy hours and parties for members. 

Community is an important part of coworking. Come in and see what it’s all about! 

5. Noise Levels

This is one specific area to consider when looking for your ideal coworking space in Irvine. A lot of people cannot work when it’s too loud… and others can’t work when it’s too quiet! At The Colab Space, we have private phone booths if you need to take a call and get rid of background noise, and there’s a variety of spaces (lounges, hot desks, meeting rooms, outdoor area, etc.) so you can move around throughout the day or week to find the ideal workspace. 

Again, go on in-person tours of a space and figure out what the noise levels are like and if it’s a comfortable working environment. 

6. Management and Staff

Who runs the coworking space? What are the staff like? Do they make an effort to get to know you and support you? 

This ties back into the community piece. Ultimately, you want to be somewhere where you’re known and supported in your work. At The Colab Space, we offer the personal touch—we love our members, know them, and are here to support whatever you need. 

Finding your ideal coworking space in Irvine is going to depend on what your needs and preferences are. Each space has its own personality, so don’t be afraid to do your research and check out different options in person. 

If you’re looking for a coworking space in Irvine, book a tour of The Colab Space today. We’d love to meet you, learn about your business and your needs, and show you around our professional community.