We all know a culture is a secret ingredient behind every successful business. However, with more and more people working from home part-time or full-time, how can we build a tightly-knitted, culture-driven team? The answer is always engagement. Remote teambuilding activities let you keep your team connected and supported. The best part? Some remote team building activities don’t even require you to rent out a mansion or a party house. They can be easily done in a coworking environment or a virtual space.

Host a Tabletop Game Party in Your Coworking Space

Alcohol and bars are overrated. Why not throw a tabletop game party instead? If you have access to a coworking space, you can even use the common lounge and make it a party for everyone who happens to be around.

Tabletop games require people to form smaller teams and strategically compete against each other. They’re all about collaboration and mutual understandings. For people who are not familiar with tabletop games, this will also be a good chance to learn new things together. Now, do you see why they are so good for team building?

Build Your Team Remotely with Zoom Happy Hours

Can’t make it in-person? Consider building a Zoom Happy Hour schedule. This is by far the most popular digital team building activities recommended by teams of all sizes.

Unlike in-person happy hours, Zoom events have fewer or none restrictions on dress codes. You are never forced to drink — show up with a cup of loose leaf tea if you want. You can join and leave at any time and you never feel pressured to stay beyond your regular hours.

Test The Limits with Virtual Trivia Nights

If your team loves cold facts and fun stories, consider hosting virtual trivia nights. These events work magic as virtual team icebreakers and also give you an idea of what each person is most interested in.

When hosting a trivia night, try to avoid sensitive topics such as politics and religion. We are here to break the ice, not to freeze the team to death. Talking about heated, controversial topics is never a good activity idea even if you think your team will be comfortable for those conversations.

Movie Watch Parties Never Go Out of Style

It’s the weekend and many of you happened to have nothing to do. Then why not host a movie watch party? You can create a movie recommendation roster so everyone gets to choose a movie they want to watch.

If possible, host fun themed movie marathons sometimes and let people join whenever. You will find hearts are drawn closer to each other much more easily in a relaxed atmosphere, especially when you are all making fun of the worst movies ever made in history.

A Dedicated Space For Remote Teambuilding Activities

In the end, you are providing a safe, supportive environment for your team, especially those located locally. When home becomes your office, maybe your “office” could become a getaway. Consider joining a coworking space so your team can have access to a common lounge area designed for relaxation and inspiration.

A coworking space membership also allows you to host regular remote teambuilding activities without having to worry about the venue. Plus, it gives your team the option to come into a professional work environment when needed without feeling obligated to.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you host teambuilding activities, give us a call or book an in-person tour. We cannot wait to hear your ideas.