The way we work has drastically changed. Naturally, how and where we work would be changing too. Do you know how to make the most of your coworking space in 2021? This short guide will also teach you how to find your best match if you are office hunting!

Flexibility Has Become the Key

The keyword of coworking in 2021 is flexibility. This could be the flexibility of schedule, how you work, where you work, etc. Most coworking spaces offer 24/7 access to the lobby, amenities, and your private office, allowing people to go in at any time.

While the majority of us have stuck with regular work hours, as we see more flexibility in the work we do, late night or early morning hours will become more important as we navigate through 2021. For those starting a new side hustle in 2021, having full access to what you need whenever you need to is crucial to their success.

Remote Work Will Stay

Whether you like it or not, remote work is here to stay — so are zoom meetings and other communication methods we’ve been using to make it through the past year. Therefore, your coworking may surpass the traditional, physical definition and merge into your remote team collaboration as well.

Therefore, expect coworking to evolve in a way that accommodates the remote, mobile workforce more. For example, your meeting room may have Zoom or conference tools built-in by default. You may also be able to register a remote worker on your company space membership in some cases.

More Tech-Driven Than Ever

Alongside the increased technology requirement for remote working, in general, we’re expecting to see a huge tech development in modern coworking spaces.

AR and VR technologies are definitely high on the list for coworking advancement as they will bring endless possibilities to presentations and conferences. Other technologies, including healthcare devices like temperature sensors, can also be expected as a part of the late-Covid normal.

Community Value is What Matters

Another key topic at the center of the discussion is community. Today’s entrepreneurs and professionals are no longer satisfied with a modern office or a well-designed cocktail bar in the lounge. 

More businesses now understand that people and communities are the real assets. Therefore, coworking spaces will continue to grow into communities where members help each other and build lifelong relationships instead of just being a flexible office building.

Succeed in 2021 with the Colab Space

Focusing on all the coworking trends mentioned above, the Colab Space stands out of the crowd with its modern design, accessible amenities, and vibrant community. Built with the idea of a relationship, productivity, and creativity, the Colab Space is one of the best coworking spaces in Orange County, with affordable membership pricing.

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