The pandemic separated many people. In return, healthy, engaging company culture is what will bring everyone back together.

Most of us are ready to get back to work and make some magic happen. That’s more all the reason why culture-building should be the core of many discussions we have right now.

The methods below will help your culture stay relevant and supportive during the post-pandemic season, especially the first half of 2021.

Upgrade Your Old Culture to Adapt to the New Normal

You know how computer software requires upgrades to stay functioning? The same goes for a company’s culture. When the world changes, our culture must evolve as well.

Before getting back to the day-to-day work, your first step should be upgrading your old culture to adapt to new expectations raised across the pandemic. For example:

  • Will the hybrid workstyle continue?
  • Are all your team members comfortable with getting back to a physical workspace?
  • Do you need to reinforce health protocols?

During any time of uncertainty, we tend to have a lot of concerns and stress. As a leader, it is your job to build a supportive environment within your organization to assuage these negative emotions.

Showcase How You Align With Your Company Culture.

Words alone are never enough. You must demonstrate your dedication and value with consistent actions. So how can you showcase that you are in line with your company’s culture?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create enough space to boost your team’s wellness, both physically and emotionally.
  • Create a lounge area where people can interact and unwind between work sessions.
  • If you take the pandemic seriously, create social-distancing slogans, install sanitizers, or check everyone’s temperature upon entry.

There are many ways to showcase a healthy company culture, from employee recognition events to what you put on the wall as decorations. Be creative and be sincere. Your efforts will show.

Curate a Team That Agrees With Your Company Culture

Getting back to normal work can be challenging, therefore, you could use some help. Fighting alone is hard–having team members who share your value and mission makes things much easier.

Many companies laid off employees and are looking to either hire back or hire new workers this year. One thing to keep in mind is that people change. Whether you are hiring old members back or seeking new candidates, be sure they still agree with what the company believes in.

Personal diversity makes work more fun, but major disagreements will lead to severe fallouts that affect your bottom line.

Some Final Thoughts

Company culture is an abstract concept, thus we must find ways to manifest our ideas with measurable actions. We must show our compassion for the community, dedication to our people, and belief in values.

Motivational quotes only go so far. A team member feeling unsafe to present concerns says more about your culture than the words on the business Instagram account. It’s 2021, we’ve survived a pandemic.

We are coming out strong, and it’s time to make changes to ensure our company’s culture can reflect our growth.