Originally from Australia, but now living and loving the Orange County lifestyle, Ebony Conditsis followed a career journey from professional dancer to brand ambassador to marketing professional. 

She now works as the VP of Marketing at Cosmetic Physician Partners, which acquires leading medical aesthetics practices across the US to support their business operations and help them grow. 

Ebony is a recent member of The Colab Space, so we wanted to sit down with her and learn more about her career journey and how she ended up here. 

Here’s her story. 

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

I’m part of Cosmetic Physician Partners, which is otherwise called CPP.  We acquire leading medical aesthetic practices across America, which could be med spas, cosmetic surgery centers, or plastic surgery centers. The original owner then becomes a CPP partner. 

CPP’s corporate team then provides professional support in the areas of operations, sales, marketing, legal, finance, and data analysis—the whole gamut. 

Not only does this help to increase the profitability for the clinics and partners, but it also allows our physicians to spend time really shifting their focus to the things that they really love doing, which is essentially providing superior outcomes for the patient and patient care. 

What attracted you to the industry of medical aesthetic clinics and marketing?

So I actually stumbled into the niche of medical esthetics. Digital marketing was my profession and I started working for an agency, local here in Orange County, that specializes in medical esthetics. One thing led to another and nine years later, I’m still in the field. 

I really love it. I love seeing patients come to the clinics really feeling great. It goes so much deeper than just the external appearance—there’s an emotional process that goes into them seeking out the treatment, and being able to see them with a smile on their face and talk about how it really impacted their life in ways that we might not have even thought of is really fantastic to be a part of. 

And then on the marketing side of things, one of my favorite things is putting together a strategy, seeing a clinic implement it, and seeing growth. That’s what I live for.

What was your background and how did you get to this point in your career? 

An interesting fact about me is I actually used to be a professional dancer. I did a number of things from dancing on cruise ships, corporate gigs, film clips, movies, and things like that. 

What got me into marketing in the first place was I ended up working with a brand in Australia. I was a brand ambassador for four years, working really closely with their brand team. I had actually done law when I first came out of school. I realized I didn’t want to do it at the time, but still wanted a professional career. So working for this brand team was the perfect segue into that. 

I got to travel and have amazing experiences and adventures as a professional dancer. And kind of the best of both worlds that then led me towards my now passion, which is marketing. 

What strategies or attitudes do you attribute to your success in marketing? 

I think a big part of marketing success strategies that I’ve worked on or been a part of is looking at something holistically. Identifying two to three focus areas and really channeling resources to achieve those goals is important. 

You also need to make sure that the left hand speaks to the right hand and that every marketing tactic that we implement—every initiative, every campaign—works in tandem with one another to achieve an outcome.

Coming from Australia, what do you love most about the lifestyle here in Orange County?

I live in Newport Beach, so what’s not to love about that lifestyle? It’s very similar to Australia—the beach, sunny culture. I grew up in a small beach town in New South Wales on the Central Coast in Australia and it’s very similar.

It’s about outdoor living. I have to always be close to water, preferably the beach. There’s something about it that makes me feel healthy, which is another similarity—that health and well-being lifestyle. That’s really important to me and drew me to Orange County. 

It’s what also drew me to The Colab Space. I could see that was a value here when speaking with Jade, the owner, and her passion for health and well-being and doing everything that she can to allow her members to live in that same space.

You have a private office here at The Colab Space—what has your experience been so far? 

There are a lot of things that I love about being a private office member here at The Colab Space. If I had to summarize it in three words, I would say community, atmosphere, and free parking!

One thing that really stood out to me is that, despite only being here one time, the next time I was back the whole team at The Colab Space knew my name and my

 team members’ names and gave us really warm greetings. 

I love the community events that often center around health and well-being or wellness. In my first month here, we joined the SUP yoga event that was put on by Colab Space. That was lots of fun—and challenging—but an excellent way to meet other Colab Space members. 

Colab Space helps us establish a really good work-life balance by allowing us to come and go when we need to. There have been occasions when we’ve needed to stay late or use a conference room longer and that is accommodated here.

It’s also very homey. It’s not a stale, bare office environment where you can’t wait to leave. It’s all right here—there’s coffee, snacks, a place to take breaks outside, games, and all the great events they put on. 

Connect with Ebony on LinkedIn, and check out Cosmetic Physician Partners to learn about their work.  

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About Ebony Conditsis

Ebony is a strategic digital marketing leader with 10 years of marketing experience with medical spas, and cosmetic and plastic surgery centers. Throughout her career, Ebony has established a track record of exceeding benchmarks and client expectations. She is a results-driven leader who is passionate about using data to tell a story, and leverages her knowledge of best practices, tools, and integrations to deliver success.

Among Ebony’s achievements is having developed and led the delivery of the strategy that delivered 350% growth in annual revenue in 4 years for a medical cosmetic clinic in Melbourne, Australia.

Ebony is excited to work closely with CPP clinics to drive revenue growth and prioritize the patient experience.