Attention, are you an Orange County business? As the new coworking space that has recently joined the business community, the team at Colab Space is kicking off a new program to connect and grow with the local businesses. After all, small business is the pillar of our economy, and it is at this challenging and uncertain time that we must support each other more than ever.


The Colab Story Program

You have a story to tell, and we have a platform ready to fill.

At Colab Space, our mission is to empower the orange county business community and reach maximum growth together. Your success is what moves us forward, and we believe you deserve all the spotlight, attention, and acknowledgment.

Therefore, we are looking to feature

  • New businesses who want to gain traction
  • Existing businesses looking for more exposure
  • Local non-profits needing features
  • Individuals with a story to tell
  • Collaborative events seeking more traffic


How to Participate

To be a part of our featured community, simply follow these steps:

  • You must be based out of, or near Orange County, CA.
  • Use #colabspace on social media
  • If you are a member, a sponsor, or a partner, you can also directly tag us @thecolabspace on social media to gain our attention
  • Alternatively, submit a featured request for any upcoming events or promos by sending us a DM.

To maximize your featured post ROI, we recommend you to:

  • Share or repost the feature on your IG story and Facebook feed.
  • Like and comment on our featured post.

Keep in mind that we will select the images from your social media feed. We will use the images most suitable to our overall account aesthetics, which may not always be the image you submitted to us.


Stay Connected in the Orange County Business Community

Besides submitted features, we will also select small businesses, iconic individuals, events, and non-profits from the Orange County business community. Therefore, be sure to follow us on  Facebook and Instagram.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, partner, or are looking for a coworking space, you can always join our mailing list to receive the latest news. Don’t forget to check out our amazing referral partner program so you can benefit by sharing the Coalb Space value with your community.