Life must go on. As we enter the seventh month of pandemic quarantine (calculated from mid-March), entrepreneurs find creative and safe ways to resume their work routine, team activities, and productivities. Meanwhile, major co-working space providers, including WeWork and Industrious, have issued social distancing guidelines to protect their members.

During this unprecedented crisis, the entrepreneur community has demonstrated brilliant creativity and resiliency to keep the workflow going.

New Layout Following Social-Distancing Requirements

The first change that came to the Co-Working space was new layouts. We spread out all seatings from hot-desk locations to lounge seatings so we can maintain productivity and a safe environment for efficient communication while enforcing social-distancing was one of the focal points under discussions.

Some co-working spaces also lowered their office capacity by half or more to ensure sufficient social-distancing. You will see signs and other announcements posted online and offline to help members navigate the new rules.

Building a Narrative

Reinforcing new rules alone is insufficient. Some co-working spaces decided to turn social-distancing into a trend with online marketing strategies to keep everybody safe. Using relevant hashtags and engaging members to participate in the discussion, saying 6-ft apart becomes an honorable narrative.

Some popular methods of building the buzz around social-distancing include:

  • Posting motivational signs encouraging social-distancing
  • Displaying information regarding Covid-19 conditions locally and nationally
  • Using direct email communications to update members with social-distancing policy updates
  • Create social media hashtags and topics to lead the discussion.

Remember, you are a superhero for keeping yourself and others safe. Focus on what you are accomplishing instead of what you lost due to the new normal.

Social-Distancing Using the Latest Technologies

Entrepreneurs embrace challenges with creativity, whereas co-working spaces dedicate themselves to creating an environment that allows that creativity to bloom.

For example, Colab Space has adopted the following innovative solutions to ensure growth in the post-pandemic season:

  • Virtual membership. A virtual membership allows a remote entrepreneur to have a credible business mailing address while gaining access to all our premium amenities.
  • 24/7 Connection. The Colab Space mobile app allows members to stay connected with accessibility updates, latest events, and news in the business community anywhere, anytime.
  • Zoom Supported Spaces. Co-working spaces adapt to new changes fast. For example, Zoom is now available in all our conference rooms and event venues.

Coworking while social-distancing certainly isn’t easy. However, when co-working spaces work with their members, we will construct a robust, resilient, and adaptive community together.

The Colab Space Commitment to Social-Distancing

Colab Space holds our members with utmost priority. Our goal is to provide the most inspirational, supportive, and engaging environment to maximize your work efficiency. We want to ensure a safe and clean working environment because we always take the health and safety of our members as our first and foremost priority.

As our commitment to building a healthy community, We will be closely monitoring the Covid-19 case numbers in Orange County. Colab Space will also strictly adhere to all social-distancing regulations announced by the Health authorities in Orange County and Irvine.