Things are different now. We need flexibility more than ever before, and we realized just how much we need human interaction and togetherness when it was taken away from us for a few years.

Long before The Colab Space was set to open its doors, it began with one simple idea: too many people go to work each day seeing it as just another workday. They don’t find it fun, and they don’t feel inspired. 

The way Jade Cao saw it, the professional community in Orange County deserved better. 

That’s why she set out to create a motivating and supportive flexible workspace concept–one that centered around building a business community where people could motivate one another to accomplish their goals. 

Creating a New Kind of Coworking Space in Irvine

When Jade decided to found The Colab Space, coworking wasn’t a new concept in Orange County. But she saw an opportunity to do it in a way that nobody else in the area was.

“Coworking is a model I really believe in,” says Jade. “It allows businesses to scale up and down easily without being tethered to high overhead costs. But, most importantly, it can provide a really positive and supportive community where everyone cares for each other. And that’s what I felt was lacking in the local community.”

That’s where The Colab Space really sets itself apart. 

“From the top down, The Colab Space is built around the idea of supporting one another,” explains Jade. “We’re boutique, and that’s what allows us to really live our commitment to helping people connect and collaborate, whether internally or externally. That’s what guides us daily.” 

She adds, “From myself to our Community Manager and our members, we all know each other. We all want to be there for each other and cheer for one another and to celebrate each other’s journey.”

Creating a Workspace Focused on Hospitality and Connection

Ever since the pandemic hit, many professionals were forced to work from home. But as time has shown, working from home isn’t working for everyone anymore.

“Working at home isn’t necessarily conducive to great output and personal well-being,” says Jade. “We all need a workplace–not just to get work done, but to feel like we’re connected to other people, part of something bigger, and supported in our daily pursuits.” 

She continues, “Things are different now. We need flexibility more than ever before, and we realized just how much we need human interaction and togetherness when it was taken away from us for a few years.”

And that’s why The Colab Space was built to provide exactly that. 

“In comparison to the big, global coworking spaces in our area, we want to provide an extra-personal touch,” says Jade. “We provide hands-on service in a way that works for people’s budgets and needs. And we do it all in an environment where the quality of space is one of the best in the area–we offer boutique hospitality with the design aesthetic and elevated feel of the big guys.”

Focusing on Health and Wellness 

In the modern professional world, work and wellness are no longer considered separate entities. Instead, it’s becoming apparent just how intertwined they both are. 

The Colab Space has health and wellness at its core.

“Personal and professional well-being are things that I’m personally very drawn to,” explains Jade. “Health and wellness are big focal points of what makes our space unique. The goal at The Colab Space is to get our work done but, on top of that, to make sure we’re all living healthy and happy lifestyles. After all, if you don’t feel good in life, you can’t feel good at work and vice versa.” 

She adds, “Ultimately, whether you’re here three days per week or seven, we want to help you make your time here count so you can go home, take care of your family, take care of yourself, and do whatever else you need to do. We act as your home away from home.”

Business and Passion: The DNA of The Colab Space 

When Jade set out to build The Colab Space, it was ultimately a fusion of her business background and personal passions. 

After graduating from USC with a degree in Management, Jade worked at NBCUniversal as well as JCDecaux. Her experience also extended to retail.

“I’ve always had a customer-centric mindset,” says Jade. “And, even before opening The Colab Space, I was always wearing multiple hats. From a personal perspective, I’m a community-builder at my core. I’ve always deeply loved being involved in the community, from being the President of a mom’s group to being involved with school and local charities.”

She continues, “I find purpose in life through serving. That’s why my goal was to fuse my business background with my passion for giving back and supporting the community. And that’s why I opened The Colab Space–to provide a space where members of my community can actively thrive and where I can share my passion for well-being and connection-building with others.” 

What The Colab Space Offers 

The Colab Space provides all-inclusive flexible office services for every type of professional, from solo professionals to small businesses, established organizations, and event hosts. 

Hot Desks

If you’re looking for the ultimate flexibility, hot desks are the optimal option. They’re perfect for someone who needs a workspace without committing to a fixed desk or office. With a Hot Desk membership, you’ll also gain access to all Colab Space amenities.

Dedicated Desks

For professionals who need a space of their own but don’t require a full private office to themselves, dedicated desks are your own office space–they just don’t have walls. 

Private Offices

Our private offices are beautifully designed for everyone from a company of two to an enterprise-sized organization. Whether you’re creating the next big marketing campaign or crunching numbers, our private offices provide you with a dedicated space of your own while still allowing you to access the Colab Space community and amenities. 

Virtual Office Services

With our upcoming virtual office services plan, you can create a remote workspace for you and your team. We’ll also provide you with a credible, premium mailing address alongside all the benefits and amenities Colab Space members enjoy, such as access to our beautiful and professional meeting rooms.

Event and Meeting Spaces

Whether you need to impress a prospective client or host a celebration event for your team, our fully-serviced meeting rooms and event space are the perfect solutions. 

Join Us at The Colab Space’s Grand Opening 

We invite you to join us on Thursday, November 10, at 10:00 a.m. for the Grand Opening of The Colab Space. 

Stop by, see the newest coworking space in Orange County, and enjoy food, drinks, music, and prizes.

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