With the pandemic cloud hovering above our beautiful city, virtual events are still the preferred method for many entrepreneurs and business professionals. Many marketers even projected that they don’t anticipate any large in-person events until the second half of 2021 (MarTech Today). That’s why we decided to put together the top 3 virtual networking events in Orange County.

A virtual networking event can help you fill up your pipeline without leaving the safety of your sanitized workspace. You can also join the Colab Space community and start networking with our members online and offline at your heart’s content.

Is Virtual Networking Worth It?

Online networking has its pros and cons. But in general, they are an excellent investment, especially with social distancing and quarantine regulations in effect.

For example, virtual events are typically more affordable. They save you time from traveling and allows you to leave the meeting at any time without the awkwardness you feel when bailing from an in-person event early.

Virtual networking events also tend to do a better job distributing participant information. You can connect with members using their emails right away and even look up their websites during your conversation.

Best Virtual Networking: Network After Work Orange County (NAWOC)

Perks: Virtual Networking Event in Orange County With Additional Business Resources

Network After Work (NAW) is famous for its unique structure. It is also one of the largest global professional networking organizations. NAW events label participants by industry. Since the pandemic, they have moved all networking online with the support of their already-established online community.

Besides networking values, NAW also has online resources and training materials for new entrepreneurs to get acquainted with the business world. This is one of the best business networking groups in Orange County, CA, and right now, one membership will give you access to all virtual networking events across the nation.

Young Professional Event: Elite OC

Perks: The Best Young Professional Network in Orange County, CA

The Elite OC events are on the 3rd Thursday of every month. That aside, as a networking group run by younger, more tech-savvy professionals, the largest highlight of Elite OC is their exclusive member LinkedIn group, which allows 24/7 networking at your fingertips.

A new Elite OC Membership is only $100 per year and will give you immediate access to their events and member directory. This is one of the most affordable and high-return networking investments you could make.

Speed OC

Perks: Weekly Virtual Events with No Membership Requirements

If you are looking for regular networking opportunities, Speed OC will be a great place to start. They are one of the few organizations providing steady, weekly online networking events in Orange County, CA.

Unlike other networking groups, Speed OC events are open-registration, which means no membership subscriptions are required. You decide on your terms when and which event you join.

They also have events in LA and Riverside. If you are looking to grow and expand, Speed OC will be a great place to start.

Network With Other Colab Space Members

If you are a member of Colab Space, you will gain immediate access to our membership directory. This allows you to reach out directly to other members of our community and begin building relationships.

We will also be providing virtual networking events down the road. Therefore, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter or download our Colab Space app so you never miss another event update.