The coworking industry had been growing full-throttle until the pandemic slammed down the pause button. However, the industry isn’t about to give up — not even close! Quickly, coworking companies are adapting to the new normal. As entrepreneurs, we also need to respond to our workspace. These four coworking trends in 2021 will give you a brief idea of how your work environment will be this year.

A Boost In Flexibility

Flexibility will become the top keyword in your coworking space. You may notice changes in your existing plan, especially if you have a private office. In general, these changes will make your workstyle more flexible and versatile.

These ultra-flexible offices allow you to collaborate with team members no matter where they are, while still providing a physical home base. Your team will have the freedom to show up at their chosen time anytime during the day. In return, you will definitely see increased productivity.

Focusing on the Community

You can no longer treat your coworking space as an office or a coffee shop alternative. From here on, it’s all about people, relationships, and the community. For example:

  • You may find more collaborative marketing opportunities with your coworking provider.
  • Bring values to the community.
  • You should stay engaged with your community and other coworking space members, both online and offline.
  • Expect to find a stronger community and member support!

Therefore, be ready to talk and interact with your fellow entrepreneurs and community managers. You will gain more out of your coworking membership if you become an active member of the community.


A Hybrid Work Model Driven by Technology

The pandemic has changed how we work. In response, coworking spaces are adapting to the new workstyle. Expect your space provider to become more friendly to a hybrid work model, meaning they will make it easier for you to collaborate with remote workers. For example, your space may employ more advanced technologies, such as AR/VR technology, to provide more robust communication between on and off-site team members. 


As we embrace the remote workstyle, we also shift our focus toward eco-friendliness. After all, we only have one planet. Therefore, one of the coworking trends most entrepreneurs expect to happen is a “greener” space.

What does “greener” mean? You will most likely see more active recycling, including glass recycling. Some coworking spaces will also start to compost and have a community garden.

Gardening in the office is not a new idea. Many office buildings have been utilizing spaces on the rooftop or in the courtyard for sustainability projects. Anyways, horticulture design has always been a part of the architecture world.

As our awareness grows, our effort in eco-friendly coworking would also give significance. Imagine having a networking event and finding out the food came from your building’s garden–that would be quite amazing!


So, what do you think about these top four coworking trends in 2021? Do you see yourself benefitting from the change, or do you see challenges ahead?

Of course, we cannot predict reality with 100% accuracy. Therefore, our suggestion to you is to stay active, flexible, and engaging. Build strong relationships with your fellow members and your community manager, and treat your coworking space as a business partner instead of a landlord.