The process of starting a business is no laughing matter. From funding to market strength, there is a multitude of things to consider. Location is perhaps one of the most determining factors of a successful business, so we have compiled a list of reasons why you should start your next business in Orange county.

Business Support Organizations

Orange County is a treasure trove of organizations dedicated to supporting businesses. From the Orange County Business Council to organizations such as the Small Business Development Corporation, every size and type of business has a support system available. Backed by a strong Chamber of Commerce, Orange County is ideal for companies wanting a competitive and robust place in the global economy.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Home to the highest amount of entrepreneurs countrywide, Orange County is alive with the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2018 alone, 2,083 patents were granted, a 28% increase from just 2017. Per capita, Orange County is also three times more innovative than its close neighbor, Los Angeles. With so many like-minded institutions and businesses, entrepreneurs will be entirely at home in Orange County.

High-Tech Superiority

Orange County is one of the fast-growing counties in the country as regards technology. Ranking 15th in tech employment growth, Orange County grew by 10.9% in just 2018, a considerable increase especially compared to Los Angeles Counties 13.4%, but three times more extensive population. Home to some of the largest tech companies globally, Orange County is at the front of the global expansion of technology.

Venture Capital Investments

With over $1.74 billion raised by Venture Capital investors,  Orange County continues to hold its own against other states such as New York. 57% of all Venture Capital investments go to California, making it higher than six other states combined. Investment is especially high in such sectors as medical devices, energy, and high tech. In particular, young companies receive more funding in Orange County than any other county in the US.


Home to 42 miles of coastline, Orange County is one of the most beautiful places in the US. Orange County has a unique business environment. It is also a leader in innovative tech and venture capital investment. Therefore, the OC area is the ideal location to start and grow your next business.