We are all talking about developing an authentic brand voice, but many businesses end up sounding like a broken record. So how do you create authenticity in your messaging? How do you attract consumers who truly care about you? One great way is to engage with your community. 

Always Be Honest

First of all, you should always be honest when speaking to your community. Whenever you wrong out of idea, simply go back to your core. Ask yourself questions your community might ask and give a genuine response.

Be Intentional With What You Say

Like we were saying earlier, there are enough fluffs out there in the world. We don’t need another recipe that requires you to finish an entire short story before getting to the ingredients.

Ask yourself why you wanted a piece of content on this subject, whether it was a blog or an Instagram post. Even for something that’s only meant for fun, it should be your type of fun — if your content doesn’t speak for who you are, don’t post it!

Get Into the Grassroots

In the end, your audience is what matters. If they care about the vegan diet and you’re talking about the best butcher shop in town, then no matter how good that butcher shop is, you’re not responding to your audience’s needs.

We’re not asking you to bend backward to please the audience. Rather, adjust and adapt so your audience is convinced what you do matters to them.

Who Do They Follow?

Trying to reach a new population? Start with finding out who your target audience holds as a mentor. Track what topics they engage with the most, and what things you both agree upon. If there is a trending event or hashtag, jump into the wave and engage with the active crowd. You’ll be surprised how many genuine reactions you get compared to your usual posts.

Start Building an Authentic Brand Voice

In the end, you must engage with your community to be seen as a real person involved with people around them, instead of just another business. And just like any other relationship, you must remain true to yourself.

While it is important to cater to your audience’s likes and dislikes, following your audience blindly will make you lose credibility and authority. Therefore, you should never bend yourself backward just so you “say the right thing.” In fact, be honest with your opinion, even disagree with some audience at certain points. Just remember: be respectful to other members of the community.