Even the best job can have its moments of stress. There are plenty of small things that can add up and cause anxiety or stress, from deadlines to setbacks. However, practicing mindfulness and, in particular, meditation in office is the secret to mindful culture and a significantly less stressful workplace. 


Especially at work, our brains tend to have seemingly a thousand tabs open. From cringing over the conversation we just had with a colleague to stressing over the deadline on a project, it’s hard to keep our minds from wandering in varying directions. By practicing mindfulness meditation, we can train our brains to focus and center in the present.

The Power of the Present

The number of things constantly calling for our attention can be daunting. From social media to emails, we are often pulled in a million directions at once. By practicing mindfulness and tuning into the present, we allow ourselves the focus we need to concentrate on the task at hand, thereby significantly reducing stress. Even something as simple as meditating for five minutes has been proven to increase happiness and productivity levels. 

Pattern of Success

Mindfulness in the workplace is so beneficial that major corporations such as General Mills and Google teach it in their workplaces. Major studies have concluded that practicing mindfulness increases the density of gray matter in the brain.  A study conducted at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands concluded that mindfulness could increase creativity and problem-solving abilities. In short, mindfulness seems to be the secret to a successful and happy workplace.

Tips for Implementation 

One way to implement mediation and mindfulness in the workplace is to focus on making conscious choices. Whether that means turning off notifications or dedicating particular times to specific tasks, finding simple ways to be more conscious can help you focus on the present and reduce stress. Another tip is to practice the five-minute rule. Immediately doing any task that requires five minutes or less to complete as soon as it comes up will help prevent small things from snowballing into something more significant. Also, taking five minutes from your break or lunch to meditate or clear your mind can be a simple way to get into the habit of meditating and to begin to reap the benefits.


The practice of mindfulness in the office is a fantastic way to help reduce stress and increase happiness and productivity. Meditation is the secret behind a mindful office culture and can simply be implemented and encouraged with as little as five minutes daily.