Anyone would agree that the more productive you can be with the least amount of effort, the better.. With all of the productivity software available, however, it can be a bit daunting to know which to try. To make it simple, here is a list of the top 5 productivity tools that will help 2021 be your most productive year ever.


Trello is an incredibly flexible and efficient product management tool. It utilizes the Kanban Method which enables you to keep track of projects at all of their various stages. The visual layout of boards also makes it easy to track progress at a glance. 


If you’re tired of having a thousand tabs open on your browser while working, then Pocket will be your hero. Pocket allows you to save articles and videos from any webpage or app. It also has the option to download content offline and enables you to read without distractions. Another perk is that you seamlessly share content with other Pocket users, streamlining planning and research.


Sharing business passwords with colleagues or even family members can often be risky, but with LastPass, you can do so safely all the while maintaining security and control. It has extensions for multiple browsers and once installed, allows you to log in and add passwords to your vault. It also features a secure password generator, and with two-factor authentication, you can rest assured that your details stay secure.

Google Workplace

If you need a one stop solution to all of your email, document, virtual meeting, and cloud storage needs, Google Workplace is a great option. With access to great tools such as Drive, Sheets, Meet, Calendar, Gmail, Slides, and more, you can handle and organize all of your business needs in one place. Trusted by industry giants such as Salesforce, it really is as they claim on their site,  everything you need to get anything done.


Distractions can be hard to overcome, but with Freedom, you can choose what sites you wish to block and even at which times. Utilized by prestigious institutions such as Harvard and MIT, Freedom claims to gain people an average of 2.5 hours of productivity daily. Working across all of your devices simultaneously, you can ensure you won’t be disturbed and can focus.


Being as productive as possible is always a struggle, but you can make 2021 your best year ever with these top 5 productivity tools.