Have you read our top picks of virtual networking events in Orange County? If not, you’re missing out. Virtual networking has become the new way for professionals to scale their businesses and building long-lasting relationships. That said, not everybody knows how to effectively build connections over a computer screen. Therefore, we decided to offer you four virtual networking tips that will make you the superstar in the next event.

Dress For Your Role

Are you representing yourself or your business, are you interacting as a mom or a sales professional? We’ve all gotten a bit too comfortable with our pajama parties at home, but when attending a networking event, you need to dress for the role.

Sure, some days you may only feel like putting on a business casual top. However, studies show that our clothes can affect our performance and emotions. Therefore, if you are attending a serious, high-end virtual event, put some effort in your outfit.

You will be surprised how much difference a full business casual attire can make.

zoom-meeting-etiquetteDon’t Forget the Chatboxes

The most distinguishable characteristic an online networking event has is the chat function. During an in-person event, it would be rude to be having discussions in the middle of a presentation. It would also be impossible to talk to someone on the other end of the room.

By keeping an eye on the chatbox, you can always jump into others’ conversations and initiate something with someone you otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to talk to.

Focus on Building Quality Communication

While a virtual networking event allows you to keep as many chats going as you want, the quality rule for physical networking still applies. You should always try to focus on having a good conversation and sharing honest insights.

If that means you need to have longer conversations with fewer people, do it. If you need to stay in a group discussion in the breakout room, invest yourself in it. You will find that genuine, dedicated conversations are far more helpful than quick check-ins.

Always Follow-Up After the Event

Most virtual networking events will send out a contact list including everyone who attended. That is your perfect opportunity to stay familiar with whom you’ve talked to and get in touch with whom you haven’t.

When you follow up with someone, keep in mind to

  • Address them by first names
  • Recap your conversation or the event you were both in

If possible, schedule a one-on-one meeting, either via Zoom or at a coworking space.

Virtual Networking Coming Soon!video-call-1on1

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